What hidden knowledge do you have which can be turned into a business?

I have just been watching a gentleman who makes videos for YouTube while competing in Ploughing Matches. This is a very niche interest and he doesn’t have enough followers yet to make money from his content.

Having said that, the are a surprising number of farmers, agricultural workers and rural communities who are regulars at all the county shows and various other rural competitions. These people enjoy re-living the events and are just discovering the videos of Robin Bell.

From little acorns, big oaks grow.

Our Successful Future is a team of ordinary men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

None of us have money to invest and we can only take advantage of the skills and knowledge we have gained over the years.

We have established ourselves as a team of affiliate marketers.

The idea is that we affiliate ourselves with successful businesses we know from doing business with.

My great example is Amazon, because we have all made purchases from there at some time, and hopefully been satisfied with the product, the delivery and how quickly we received it.

I began by giving feedback for many of the products I’ve bought. These reviews are collected together in one place which then becomes my “Profile”.

I don’t want anyone buying goods simply to try promoting. This is why we are a team, in order that one member who has a brilliant product suggestion can help another member promote the same product without conflict. We all have different groups of people who are in our social circle so we can try one idea to begin with and if that doesn’t work with our people you can associate with other members who will give you the benefit of their own experience. There is no need to buy goods, unless you would have made the purchase elsewhere.

I studied website design in 2002 to 2004 and I had set up a website in 2022, which seemed the ideal means to try spreading the idea that anyone can set up a successful business of their own, from their home so as not to take them away from family. I felt I had a mission to spread the word. With just 8 to 10 hours every week, anyone can create a successful business. decided could be used to make some money for me.

You don’t need a website to get started. If you have a facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram or any other social media profile, you can start your own online business straight away.

I would like to tackle the reservations we all have when someone seems to be offering something too good to be true: exactly, that is why I’m not asking anyone for money to become a member. Maybe it isn’t something you feel you could work at.

No problem; you have read this and that has hopefully given you an idea for something that would be more in tune with your personality and lifestyle. I have given you a nudge to take action and not despair over the horror of your finances.

If that is you, I would be very cheeky, and ask if you would consider remaining with OUR SUCCESSFUL FUTURE, because I’m sure there are a lot of people with the same feelings and background. We all need help and we all should be prepared to give help. As a strong group, our diverse backgrounds can offer solutions to situations that people have faced in their past and I hope they will share their wisdom and that as a team we can learn from the experience of others.

I will emphasize again that the simplest process is with Amazon.

If you look through the list at the bottom of an Amazon page, there is a list titled, “Ways to make money with Amazon”.

Obviously, most suggestions are based on you having a product or service to sell.

I am making the assumption, that, like me you are broke, worried sick about the projected rise in rent or mortgage. You don’t have a product to sell, capital to invest in a product or business opportunity. I am from the “Baby Boomer” generation, some of my team are internet novices a little older than me. There are no barriers to joining my team. Our philosophy is that we are here to help each other learn to identify the next Rubick’s cube. That product which is the must have for everyone or at the top of every child’s list for Santa this Christmas.

Click on “Affiliate” and you will be able to fill in a very easy application form.

There are no sign up fees, no previous experience needed.

Again, I am making an assumption that like me your following on social media is between 1 and 100. Family, friends, old work colleagues, old school friends and your neighbours present and past. You all keep in touch, posting photos or forwarding jokes and interesting news clips. Perhaps some of them tell you about something they have bought and think it would help your bad back, or a vitamin supplement to boost your energy. Most probably it is just something they want everyone to know about because it is so fantastic.

A general product promotion that would easily fit with a lot of people, just to get started and find your feet, is to promote membership of Amazon Prime.



A keen artist and photographer, I love to include my pictures with my posts whenever appropriate. I've been designing web-sites for over 20 years and with all the great tools available now, I just keep designing to make the most of the new technology.

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