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From builders and contractors to gardeners and nurses, many people suffer from the discomfort that dry skin can bring. Our promise is to make the best skincare products for workers who rely day-to-day on their hands. Non-greasy and free from scents and perfumes, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands not only moisturises dry skin, but also protects your skin, giving it chance to heal. Maintaining healthy hands not only feels great and keeps them active, but it also helps prevent other, more serious problems from developing.

Third party consumer research study. Two-week use study to evaluate moisturisation/hydration performance. Research conducted 02/10/2015. Reference Number – STAHOM1.


This odourless, concentrated formula, with a high content of glycerin, conditions the skin- creating a difference you will feel within days.
When used daily, O’Keeffe’s Working Hands is clinically proven to instantly boost moisture levels, create a protective layer on the skin’s surface and help prevent further moisture loss.

100% Money Back Guarantee- If you are not fully satisfied with the performance of O’Keeffe’s, we will refund 100% of the purchase price. Please follow instructions on pack.


Please allow me to give you a little background info before I start raving about the benefits of the O’Keeffe’s Working Hands, Hand Cream.

I have been poorly with some virus that is going around for the last four weeks, so I cannot claim to have sustained dry skin from a manual job, although I have suffered in the past.

On top of feeling absolutely lousy and suffering a sore throat, the tip of my left thumb suddenly developed a painful split, then the tip of my forefinger on the right hand split.  Added to the tormenting pain of the splits on both hands, I had a nasty patch of dry and cracking skin above the thumb on the back of my left hand.

I had been applying my normal moisturizer several times every day in the hope that these splits and the red flaky area would heal, but after about seven days, I decided to search the shelves of my pharmacy for alternative relief.

I discovered the range of Okeeffe’s products and bought a small tube of Working Hands, just to give it a try but not expecting the dramatic results I am so eager to tell you about.

I was sceptical of the claims O’Keeffe’s make in their advertising and their products are quite expensive compared with other similar products on display.  I chose a 58ml tube of Working Hands, desperately hoping for relief from my splits on finger tip and thumb tip, and the area of dry inflamed skin on the back of my hand.


I needed to go to the supermarket after the pharmacy, and using their toilet facilities I opened the tube and squeezed a reasonable size blob onto my hands.  I discovered that it was far too much although about the same quantity I applied from my regular moisturizer. (I should have read the instructions).


Now to the reason I am raving about this hand cream:  by the time I arrived home, around an hour after applying the first layer of moisturizer, the red patch on the back of my hand was significantly less inflamed and where small patches of the skin had been close to opening into sores, I could already notice the skin trying to repair itself.  The finger tip splits had closed together and again their dry skin shows healthy signs of knitting together.


O’Keeffe’s Working Hands gave me more relief than my old regular moisturizer had given me in a week.   I call that something to shout about and I hope everyone who is suffering the pain of split, dry skin from their work or the cold weather takes a chance and gives WORKING HANDS a try.



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