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Ancient Purity was founded in England in 2010 following years of research and work in natural health by 2 friends, Tom Stavely and Clive De Carle. Since 2015 it has been run by Tom Stavely with a group of long-term friends and family. We have a collective interest in natural health, adventure and holistic lifestyle. Our original goal was to supply Authentic, Rare, Powerful Foods and Supplements that created results (very difficult to find at that time) our slogan was “Revealing the Secrets to Health & Longevity”.


After 10 Years in 2020 we felt we had revealed them (we still search weekly for new Ancient Discoveries). Enter a new slogan “Health, Freedom & Spirit” as we felt that each of these was more vital than ever (especially in 2020). Each one needs to be functioning fully in our lives to be happy. We are a bespoke Natural Health, Lifestyle and Ascension company…
Follow our social media you’ll see we actively promote truth and encourage humans to thrive. Our goal for all is Health, Freedom and Spirit!

I apologize to my family and friends who have listened to me raving about the health benefits of nutritional supplements for more than 25 years now.

I think for my generation, it is easier to accept the idea of supplementing our diet with vitamins and minerals as we were given a daily dose of cod liver oil as children.

For you youngsters, it is not such an accepted idea.  I want to introduce you to Ancient Purity, which is the company I have been buying my nutritional supplements from.

We supply natural health products…¬†because It’s a passion influenced by my grandmother Mayella and uncle Richard. Our independent, family and friends operated company is called Ancient Purity because the ancient foods and herbs must be in their purest form to get the best results. Our values for products are that they must be from the ancient world… a historical fruit, herb or plant medicine known and trusted for generations.

If it’s a supplement it must be clean, safe and powerfully effective, made up from food – we say food-state. We aim to offer solutions in whole food, liquid or food state supplements as well as progressive supplements like Liposomal form. Tom Stavely
Founder / Owner
Ancient Purity


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