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Day in and day out, I listen to friends and neighbours complaining about the  impossibility of getting an appointment with a GP.  We are all of an age where our health is a problem for one reason or another which causes too much demand on our surgery.

For over 20 years, I  have been promoting the message of “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE” with regard to our health, but most people I encountered considered the financial cost of adding a daily dose of a nutritional supplement to their diet, too expensive.

I wish I had been a better and more persuasive sales person because today, when I get together with my old colleagues, the vitality of this group of men and women is quite noticeable.

A survey conducted by Essity Healthcare revealed in 2023, 52% of British adults suffer sleep problems and restricted activity in their daily lives due to chronic (long term) pain. Arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia and many neurological problems which are resilient to prescription pain killers are causing a reduced quality of life. I would like to explore some of the alternative therapies available and where possible testimonials regarding the benefits or otherwise.

In scientific language, anti-ageing is defined as to slowing, reversing or preventing our bodies’ ageing process. Symptoms of ageing include: dark spots, sagging skin, dull glow-less skin, lines & wrinkles, dry skin, patchy skin and open pores. There are several ways that help to prevent your body’s ageing signs. Drink lots of filtered water. Water is extremely pivotal for quality of life. Adequate amounts of clean water not only will keep you healthy, but will leave a radiant glow on your skin. Consume a healthy balanced diet. Most nutritionists have recommended that a healthy balanced diet is important to reduce the ageing effects on your body. Adding Sandalwood Nuts, green vegetables, Matcha Tea and antioxidants may play an essential role in your anti-ageing treatment. Regular exercise will increase your stamina and improve your immunity and meditation and regular massage will calm down your stress and improve your circulation. Never sleep with your face pressed against your pillow. Sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow may cause ‘sleep lines’ which may take the shape of wrinkles on your face.

“Supplements and a low protein diet appear to be prolonging my life.” Steven Magee


Maintaining a happy and healthy sexual relationship as we enter middle age can have problems.  We women are feeling the “Perimenopause”, the name given to the years leading to our actual menopause.  Gentlemen can have less than satisfactory erection after a long stressful day at work.  When we experience a combination of factors, the sex may not be as fulfilling as we expected.  We are reminded of past bedroom passion and little niggling worries begin to set in that all is not well in our relationship.  Don’t worry; easily said, but not so easily overcome.  The problem with any worries about erections for the guys, dryness or soreness for we women is the very worry: We give power to the fear, our mind is focused on the worry, not relaxing and surrendering to the passion.

This is part of the syndrome of “self sabotage”.  Never over-think troubles, because you are giving power to the negative, re-enforcing that idea.

Sharing love with our partner is combining the become a union of one enjoying the physical act we were made for; creating new life.  It doesn’t matter that we are past the child-bearing and child-rearing age.

Love, passion and sex have the power to eliminate all aches and pains, even if only for a short time.  They lift our soul and inspire us to reach for the sky.

Never believe that age is a barrier to achieving orgasm for both partners.

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