Debunking Affiliate Marketing Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Debunking Affiliate Marketing Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Yes, the competition is high, but consider this: every year there are thousands of new companies emerging all around the world, and all of them need advertising.

As your business grows, you may be expanding as an affiliate marketer and need to build your own affiliate program to manage different specialities of different markets.

To become an influencer you need an audience of thousands.  It may seem unfair that someone can bring an audience from a mention while we are creating alternative ideas to attract an audience who have very high expectations of any content they will engage in.

DON’TWORRY  You may have a small audience of family and old school friends now, but they can be your biggest fans if they have trusted your opinion and you have been proven right.  When Auntie Linda tells Cousin Phil about your business and how brilliant your recommendations are, you are receiving the best help in the world.   They are placing trust in your expertise.

Integrity is the keyword to finding your niche in the ever-growing affiliate marketing world.  Amazon have created the easiest system for everybody to earn a little fee, in return for an honest opinion which informs and helps buyers make an informed decision.

You often receive an email from a supplier asking for your feedback almost as soon as your purchase has arrived.  REMEMBER this is valuable data/information to the retailer and the delivery company.  Affiliation to the companies you like can monetize the recommendation and you could be at the begining of  your new internet business.  You have done little more than tell people about your experience. You’ve just purchased somthing and you want to advise other prospective buyers: that the sleeve on a shirt is too tight or that you’ve just found the perfect new phone.

I try to always keep my  promotional content personal and ethical.  If possible, I give an honest opinion of the goods or service then if somenone takes my advice, I hope that my experience is worth the small percentage of the purchase you just made.




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