I’ve been looking at many different affiliate marketing companies.  I began with the Amazon affiliat marketing program because their promotions are simply, cut-copy-and- paste.  There is no difficulty in signing up to their affiliate program and their is no cost.  Free access to business building programs is the primary aim of our team.  We are all learning and it is our duty to recruit new members who are also in need of extra income.

Everybody suspects there is a catch to my promise that team membership is totally FREE.

So why is it free? Because we are taking advantage of free programs and free trials of advertising and design software.  I know that many people fear they are at risk of losing the roof over their head in this impossible financial situation.  I can’t ask for money from anyone until I have helped and advised them of all the legalities, the best practises and set everyone on the road to success. 

I would love to give you more information about beginning your own business from home without paying a penny.


A keen artist and photographer, I love to include my pictures with my posts whenever appropriate. I've been designing web-sites for over 20 years and with all the great tools available now, I just keep designing to make the most of the new technology.

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