You can carve out a profitable niche for yourself using your life experience to help others overcome their self-limiting beliefs. This guide teaches women to leverage their personal stories into a profitable coaching business.

“Called to Coach” is a course which will teach you how you can carve out a profitable niche for yourself using your life experience to help others overcome their lack of self-confidence and social skills.

This guide teaches women to leverage their personal experience into a profitable coaching business which can be adapted to suit many different situations .

One to one coaching sessions or group sessions encouraging people to reach out to others and respond to an overture with confidence and genuine pleasure.

“Flirting” is almost a forgotten art.  You could start a workshop for single people who have never tried joining a group or activity without the support of friends or a partner.  Confidence building exercises practiced among a group of fellow socially awkward people comes with great rewards.  One course teaches how to walk into a room with confidence and approach people in a flirtatious manner.


Consider the wealth of experience you have which can be channeled to help people struggling with loneliness.

Hi, my name is Kamila

And in this quick article, I’m going to show you how to chat on Zoom and make $10k a month…

I can help you turn your experience into a quiet little counselling business.

You decide how you want to conduct your consultations.

Once you have studied this program, you will understand how to monetize your time helping others through one-to-one chats and conducting group counselling sessions.



My strategies ignite your passion so you can blow up and scale up online.

Let’s harness your daring vision and passion to make your dreams a reality.

  • How to start booking paying clientswithin 1-2 weeks even if you don’t think you’re “ready”
  • How to stop feeling awkwardwhen asking for the sale and have your ideal clients feel EXCITED to pay you instead
  • How to make sales feel effortless and easyeven if you’re not a natural sales person (I was terrified of sales when I was starting out and now it’s easy as pie, I’ll share why!)
  • Why “trying to be everywhere” on social media is a waste of timeand what to do instead if you want to build a sustainable business online
  • Why “charge what you’re worth” is horrible advice and what you need to do instead
  • Know how to shortcut your way to booking clientsonline without a big audience, an established brand, or even a website

Why Not Try It Risk Free?

This Program Has A 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You can try it, risk free, and see how easy it is develop a rewarding side income that pays for years and years to come.


Even if you have zero experience

And you’re brand new to making money outside your day job!

All you need to do is chat with a handful of other women each month… only those who you want to, and who you can share your unique purpose with.

You may not know what your purpose is right now.

You’ll discover exactly what your purpose is, how other women are crying out for you to share it… and how it can make you REAL money every single month!



Becca TRIPLED her income and quit her job

Beverly now makes $10,000 per month in her free time.

Kelly discovered this simple “conversation” technique and she now makes $30,000 a month whenever she wants!

Next you

These women didn’t have any special qualifications

They were pretty new to making money outside their day job.

And they’re no more “gifted” than you or me.

The only advantage they had is that they’ve already discovered this simple “Zoom” trick…

And it lets them earn exactly what they want…

While they put in a few hours on their lunch break, in the evenings, or on weekends.

So instead of slaving away and getting home late as they built their boss’s dream…

They now live life on their own terms, building their own dream… and they have the time, money and freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Because these women have found their true purpose, and it gives them confidence, satisfaction and happiness… and it lets them earn more money in a few months than they used to earn in a year!

Which is something YOU can do when you reveal your unique purpose today.

Because by the time we’re done here today, you’ll know exactly what YOUR unique purpose is.

And you’ll see how valuable it is.

And you’ll see how can give you the life you deserve!

Now I know that’s a strong promise.

But I’m about to back it up with solid proof… and I’ll show you a simple way to turn your unique purpose into life-changing money every month…

The kind of money that will flush away stress and anxiety…

The kind of money that will change your life fast and forever…

The kind of money that will give you ultimate and endless freedom!

I know that’s possible…


Because I’ve seen “Quiet Little Coaching Business” owners add an extra $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 PLUS to their income… EVERY MONTH!

Success stories

Beverly who helps people recover from trauma and addiction as a Life Coach… and she’s made over $10,000 in ONE month from her Quiet Little Coaching Business.

Emma who took her past career experience and now has $18,000 months as a Stress Coach to busy and ambitious women.


But what I want you to know and understand right now is that these women didn’t have to spend years at college to develop new skills…

And they didn’t have to become an “industry leader” to start their Quiet Little Coaching Businesses.

They’re pretty normal, they’re normal women just like you and me.

And they chose to step into their hidden inner brilliance…

And to share their unique stories and experiences with the exact right people who they’re a “miracle” answer for.

They don’t have to fill up their Facebook Wall to find them.

And they don’t have to explain themselves to their friends and family.

Because these Quiet Little Coaching Business owners run their businesses on the side, in private and in their spare time.

And like you’ve just seen…

They make thousands of dollars


Which YOU can do too…

Because to get ahead, you don’t need this big “celebrity” level business…

You only need the stories, experien


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